2017 Participants

Amanda shultz


Family-owned, Australian-grown and fusion-farmed, Strawberry Powder by LuvaBerry offers a tasty, nutritious and convenient alternative to fresh strawberries that is delicious added to smoothies, baking ingredients and cereal blends.

For health-conscious foodies and growing families as well as commercial creators of ‘green & clean’ flavouring and snacks in Australia and the Asia Pacific, LuvaBerry Strawberry Powder is a versatile and healthy alternative to food containing artificial additives and flavours.

The Strawberry Powder launches Luvaberry’s novel range of healthy snack foods for children and the young at heart. Unlike many highly processed ‘health foods’, LuvaBerry Strawberry Powder is made using integrated farming methods that minimise the need for artificial ingredients.

As a naturopath, Amanda is passionate about her family’s health. Her partner, Adrian, is concerned about the impact of eating fresh foods that are treated with chemicals prior to export.

Luvaberry uses a fusion-farming approach where freeze drying locks in the natural nutritional properties and captures the unique flavour of freshly picked strawberries.

LuvaBerry’s Strawberry Powder is made with care on an Australian family farm in Western Queensland.

Amanda Schultz, Founder

Andrew Hine


Portmanteau (noun)

  • An oblong case for carrying clothes and apparel
  • Having a handle and a flat-hinged lid, usually for travel
  • From French: porter (carry) and manteau (cloak)

Port (noun)

  • suitcase (Queensland vernacular)

The Portmanteau Company invites the design-and-technologically savvy to indulge in the nostalgia and style of a bygone era. Blending emerging technologies with traditional techniques and finishes, we offer a handcrafted retro port that is individually ‘you’.

All our ports are designed and produced in Australia using original suitcase manufacturing machinery. The Portmanteau Company reflects creative industries and engineering for the 21st century. Contemporary bespoke designs combine with time-honoured production practices to create quality products that invoke past times.

Are you the graceful woman with red lipstick, Travel Port in white-gloved hand, gazing longingly through the steam train haze?

Or the gent in pinstripes, touching his hat to acknowledge the ship’s crew as he guides his Travel Port to the awaiting cabin?

Andrew Hine, Founder

ashleigh black


Ashleigh is a qualified art therapist whose practice offers a safe space for those seeking mental and emotional support.

Unlike many conventional counselling modalities, Ashleigh’s therapeutic services are client-centred and focus on the value of personal and creative expression. These services include group workshops and private one-on-one sessions within the Moreton Bay Region.

Ashleigh believes wholeheartedly that the arts can be a catalyst for healing and growth. Practicing art therapy is her way of combining her passion for creativity and self-expression with her interest in supporting mental health, emotional wellbeing and encouraging people on their journeys of personal development, self-awareness and connecting with their life’s full potential.

Art therapy is a powerful form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of art making to make meaning and gain personal insight.

Ashleigh has been trained to work therapeutically with a range of art mediums and can support clients in the process of understanding the underlying messages communicated through their art.

Ashleigh Black, Founder

Ellena Stone


Kids’ Community Collect diverts waste from landfill for reuse projects centred around education and learning in early childhood.

We offer businesses and the general public an opportunity to offload materials, resources and other goods that would ordinarily go to waste.

We sell commercial and industrial discards and offer maker workshops onsite as well as in educational settings to children and educators.

Parents and educators of young children are also given the opportunity to source discarded materials and preloved and upcycled items with a focus on reusing, borrowing and ‘getting back to basics’.

We also sell a selection of ‘new’ brands that fit within our environmentally friendly ethos; and children’s books, puzzles and games can also be borrowed.

As a primary teacher and mother of three children under five I realised that our family was generating a lot of waste – unnecessarily! My family and I have made a conscious decision to simplify our lives and get back to basics and my goal with Kids’ Community Collect is to share that with a purpose built community.

I love engaging children in opportunities to reuse, borrow, repurpose and upcycle through authentic and hands-on learning.

Ellena Stone, Founder

Hadley Towell


Moreton Times is an independent news magazine for nonconformists who are dissatisfied with the editorial bias and propaganda in the Main-Stream-Media (MSM). Moreton Times is committed to journalistic integrity and ‘telling it like it is’, without fear or favour.

Unlike much of the MSM that is revenue driven and often caters for political favour and influence, Moreton Times will Educate, Empower and Engage readers to ‘join the resistance’ against media bias and make a difference in society.

Hadley Toweel has worked as an international award-winning professional photographer and independent journalist for more than 20 years. He holds a Master of Journalism from the University of Wollongong and is an Associate of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

One of the highlights of his career was having his photographs, including one of former South African President Nelson Mandela, published in the New York Times. Hadley passionately believes that, ‘Respect for truth and the public’s right to information are fundamental principles of journalism’.

Hadley Toweel, Founder


Jade Sharp


My Gym Club is a children’s gym club that focuses on fundamental movement through gymnastics and strength training in a fun, athlete-focused and non-competitive environment.

Affiliated with Gymnastics Australia and Olympic Weightlifting Australia, we provide quality programs, up-to-date coaching techniques and expert training using proven methods to help your child reach their physical potential.

Unlike other sports clubs, we come to your child’s school and our main focus is on developing their confidence and motivation.

My Gym Club provides children the necessary tools to go on and play any sport they choose and importantly, lead an active life for the rest of their life.

A former member of the Australian gymnastics team, Jade has been involved in the development of children and elite athletes for 20 years.

With two boys of her own, she recognises the benefits of gymnastics in helping kids develop the fundamental movements that are the basis of all physical activity and a healthy life. My Gym Club offers physical development that combines strength, fun and fitness.

Jade Sharp, Founder

Jan Kubat


Resolve Engineering Services is a small business providing project management and engineering services for civil infrastructure, water and sewer projects for local/state governments, mining industry and private clients.

We focus on creating relationships with project clients and through our ‘can do attitude’ develop genuine project ownership and deliver great value for money.

Unlike larger consultants who prioritise profit, we are passionate about achieving our clients’ stated outcomes. We do this through creating genuine relationships with clients; providing comprehensive and effective project management; and taking responsibility for the delivery of successful results. Our consultation, recommendation and implementation processes are logical, transparent and affordable.

Resolve Engineering Services is committed to developing infrastructure projects (particularly water and sewer) in developing countries, together with providing training and capacity building for local communities.

Jan Kubat (BEng (Civil), Master of Integrated Water Management) is a Senior Project Manager and Civil Engineer with over 20 years’ professional experience. He has successfully delivered major, multi-disciplinary infrastructure, engineering and community projects in challenging environments including remote North Queensland, Southwest Australia, country Victoria and Papua New Guinea.

Jan Kubat, Founder

Sonja Parsonage


Live It Breathe It Art is for creative spirits who want to rediscover the artist they were born to be. We provide ideas and opportunities for artistic play and friendship that open new horizons and possibilities for our clients.

Imagine a weekly jumpstart for your creativity; becoming your own greatest inspiration; developing a body of original work ready to exhibit; and connecting with others as passionate about art making as you are. You can have all this by suspending judgement, focusing on process and remembering how to play.

Unlike traditional art courses and workshops, membership provides ongoing resources for creative and personal growth that aim to reveal each artist’s unique creative vision.

Join me at Live It Breathe It Art. It’s time to re-discover the artist you were born to be.

Sonja Parsonage, Founder

Therese OBrien


A specialist in community engagement and public speaking, Therese O’Brien has extensive experience in putting funding to work to achieve positive and tangible outcomes in the community.

As an advocate for domestic peace, Therese offers a voice for individuals and groups by first listening and then collaborating with stakeholders to provide opportunities for change and solutions, including primary prevention programs.

Steadfast in her mission to improve the wellbeing of people in the community and to empower women in particular to not only survive but thrive, Therese is inspired by a deeply held commitment to justice for every member of society.

Therese has worked with governments, business, community organisations, service clubs and individuals for almost 30 years, advocating for women’s issues, human rights, social justice and equality.

Therese O’Brien, Founder